Principal, New Troy Strategies

A veteran corporate and political advisor, Mary Cheney has over 20 years of political and corporate experience with a strong track record of marketing and public relations success. Ms. Cheney has developed, managed, and coordinated state, local, and national corporate and political campaigns. Her efforts in targeting and marketing have generated broad support and excitement for causes important to her corporate and political clients.

Ms. Cheney began her career in Colorado working for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club and Coors Brewing Company. During this time, she held multiple communications and public relations positions, managing a wide range of issue areas, including alcohol issues, environmental concerns, and diversity. While at Coors, she developed and implemented a program to effectively end a multi-year, national boycott of Coors products by the gay and lesbian community.

Ms. Cheney left Coors in 2000 and joined the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign as a special assistant to the Vice Presidential nominee. During the 2004 re-election, she served as the Director of Vice Presidential Operations, overseeing all messaging, events planning, budget, staffing, and scheduling for the Vice President’s campaign operation.

After the 2004 election, Ms. Cheney returned to Corporate America. She served as Chief of Staff to AOL’s Vice Chairman where she directed various projects, including developing communications plans for senior management, creating marketing plans for various AOL portals, and working with AOL’s privacy taskforce. Her work with the taskforce led her to become AOL’s Vice President of Standards and Practices, where she directed the team responsible for managing issues such as internet privacy, child safety, and the use of behavioral targeting in advertising.

Ms. Cheney left AOL in 2007 and joined Navigators Global where she led the firm’s strategic communications team. During her time at Navigators, the firm ran successful communications and grassroots campaigns for clients regarding telecommunications, energy, and financial services issues. She also played a key role in the firm’s international expansion.

In 2010, Ms. Cheney helped found BKM Strategies, a strategic communications firm dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies and tactics to effectively solve its client’s political and communications problems. In just its first few years, BKM Strategies created and managed innovative grassroots campaigns across a wide range of industries, including agriculture, energy, and telecommunications. In addition, the firm managed several successful programs focused on increasing voter registration and voter turnout.

As part of a new partnership in 2015, BKM Strategies joined with Norway Hill Associates to form New Troy Strategies, a Washington DC-based strategic communications and grassroots firm. Ms. Cheney currently serves as the group’s managing partner.

Ms. Cheney received her Bachelor of Arts in History from Colorado College and a Master of Business Administration from the Daniels Business School at the University of Denver.