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About Us

New Troy Strategies is a leader in a new genre of public policy firms. We don’t sell products, we create solutions. The marketplace is filled with niche firms that sell phone programs, data management or public relations services- many do great work. Yet when you sell one type of service, the solution is predetermined. This is where New Troy Strategies comes in. We study your seemingly intractable public policy concern to create customized solutions to your problems.

New Troy Strategies has decades of experience managing political and issue advocacy campaigns across America. Our strength lies in our understanding that every campaign is different. Our principals have served as senior advisors on multiple Presidential Campaigns and led dozens of congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial, referendum, initiative, and statewide races. In addition, we have run dozens of education and awareness campaigns for corporations, industry associations, and non-profit organizations.

New Troy Strategies will blend your ideas and energy with our experience and insight to help you put together a successful campaign.

About US


Campaign Management

An experienced and seasoned team is vital to any successful campaign.  The partners at New Troy Strategies have over 50 years of combined campaign experience, including national, federal, and state campaigns. New Troy Strategies has also managed numerous campaigns for corporations, coalitions, and non-profit organizations. New Troy Strategies offers clients a campaign team with expertise in every aspect of campaign management including, strategy, research, messaging, fundraising, advertising, and direct contact.


Building coalitions and working with different organizations to accomplish a shared goal can be an effective way to support and advance specific policy agendas. But, managing all the various constituencies and factions involved with developing and executing an effective campaign is a challenge for any coalition. NTS offers our coalition clients a wide range of services proven to assist in coalition building and management.

Research and messaging

Effective and honest research allows clients to understand their key audiences and choose their most powerful arguments. It is a key component of successfully framing any debate. New Troy Strategies designs and executes custom research projects for our clients that allow them to deliver the most impactful message to their target audience in the most cost-effective way.

Voter Scoring

Voter scoring is the marrying of political, consumer, demographic, and geographic information to create laser-focused direct contact campaigns. When examined in combination with detailed survey results, demographic information about consumers can be used to predict how they will view a political issue, what messaging is most impactful to them, and what is necessary to get them to take action on behalf of a campaign.

Direct Mail

By utilizing the latest direct mail technologies, such as tagging and digital dynamic printing, New Troy Strategies ensures that our clients’ direct mail pieces are as impactful and effective as possible.


New Troy Strategies is proud to offer our clients the full suite of phone services, including patch-through calls, automated surveys, live operator calls, tele-town halls, text to voice capabilities, and text messaging.

The Latest Internet Technologies & Tactics

While New Troy Strategies can certainly manage your social media presence through Facebook and Twitter, what sets us apart is our ability to offer tailor-made solutions to help our clients reach their goals. New Troy Strategies utilizes and modifies the latest technologies to fit our clients’ needs.

Paid Media

New Troy Strategies’ team of creative experts can design the perfect radio, television, or internet spot to deliver your message to the target audience.

Fully-Integrated Campaigns

While every campaign is different, New Troy Strategies believes that the most successful campaigns are those that combine different tactics, strategies, and technologies. Combining multiple channels and approaches is the best way to ensure that our clients’ campaigns are as impactful and effective as possible.

Our Team

Our Team

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Our Team
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