September 1, 2016
Posted in Case Studies
September 1, 2016 ntsadmin

Activists were distributing false information about the products of a large multi-national corporation. No matter how many fact sheets and press releases the company put out, they couldn’t counter the volume of lies generated by the activists. Eventually, the false information began to cause the company problems with customers and government regulators.

Interest groups regularly flooded open comment periods regarding government rules and regulations. The situation grew so bad, that government officials went so far as to say to company employees, “How come we never hear from folks who like your products?” That’s when the company came to us.

We sprang into action. First, we gathered the zip codes where the company sells most of its products. Next, we looked at demographic and consumer databases to identify people in those communities who were likely to be involved with the industry – even tangentially.

We then conducted a massive, 5,000 person survey of these people in order to build a predictive model which could help us identify likely advocates on behalf of the company. We took that model back to the consumer database and compared it to every American in order to look for matches. During this process, we continually tested and retested our results in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Today our client has over 4,000,000 friends they can activate to refute misleading claims from activists and to support the company’s position with government regulators. With only a few days’ notice, these supporters can generate hundreds of thousands of letters, comments and phone calls.

To paraphrase Country Singer Garth Brooks, our client now has “Friends in all the right places!”